Friday, 4 September 2009

FQXi Essay Competition

Exciting days! See the essay about a new model discovered which would allow unification, and is fully inductively evidenced, meeting all observation. It's only an intro to the model.

This has now been accepted into the Templeton foundation FQXi Foundational Physics website 2009 Essay Competion. You can pop along and give it a 'rating'.

Remember it's only a very compressed intro, you'll also need to read the fuller Article (from a full paper including QG).

Essential Postulates; 'C' is constant within all dark energy fields. i.e;
1. Light moves at 'c' within the 'dark energy, field of our Solar System (Heliosphere).
2. The Heliosphere moves with the sun and planets on its 450,000mph journey through the galaxy.
3. The 'Bow' and 'Termination' Shocks of the Heliopause are where the heliospheres 'field' meets the galaxies (background) field, propagating particles (with spin).
4. Light moves at 'c' through the galaxy. The required Doppler phase shift occurs at the shocks.
5. The 'dark energy field' of our galaxy similarly moves with the galaxy through the dark energy field of deep space (it has to to allow light to move at 'c' within the galaxy).
6. Light moves at 'c' through the (further background) field of deep space. The galactic halo is the boundary between fields where particles are propagated to enable the phase shift.
7. Light moves at 'c' though any vacuum, but also through the quantum cloud of free action particles propagated around a proton accelerated in a collider. (phase shifted by the particles).
8. Light moving at 'c' through this non constant 'fine structure' around all mass in motion is phase shifted by the particles, (which are propagated in proportion to the required shift).
9. This resolves the basic light paradox of the Theory of Special Relatity. And a lot more.
10. Particles are not conserved but propagated (& absorbed) from the field with density fluctuation and disturbance, including at field boundaries.

The model is logical and self consistent, meets all observation, resolves other questions and paradox and allows unification. See the full Article for the evidence and predictions;
Doppler Assisted Quantum Unification allowing Relativistic Invariance.

Following further research; you are also referred to (anticipatory plagiarist!) George Stokes similarly based 'ether drag' theory of 150 years ago, proved wrong by a theory for stellar aberration now itself proved wrong. An unrecognised genius?

Essay competition entry 'Perfect Symmetry' (compressed intro).

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  1. Interesting developments. It turns out that Einstein forsaw this model in 1952, but couldn't work out how it could work with SR if the different areas of space were reference frames; "space appears as an unbounded medium or container in which material objects swim around. But it must now be remembered that there is an infinite number of spaces, which are in motion with respect to each other.
    The concept of space as something existing objectively and independent of things belongs to pre-scientific thought, but not so the idea of the existence of an infinite number of spaces in motion relatively to each other.
    This latter idea is indeed logically unavoidable, but is far from having played a considerable rôle even in scientific thought.
    "Relativity and the Problem of Space"
    Albert Einstein (1952)
    English translation published 1954
    Even more amazingly Minkowski had already recognise the necessity of it in his Cologne lecture of 1909; "Then from here on, we would no longer have space in the world, but endlessly many spaces;

    Also; A great number of other Superluminal Motion examples have popped up - just see Wiki, (there were 7 by the 1960's alone!).

    The doppler shift mechanism at the Shocks seems to be a direct relation of phase or frequency modulation, (as FM radio) which is possibly using single oscillators using the angular velocity/gearbox principle. This might seem 'right up the street' of your standard condensed dark matter energetic 'wave packet' particle!

    Everywhere we look there's something! I'm just glad it complies with both the SR postulates or it'd be a 'burn at the stake' job!

    New shorter piece on the astronomocal anomalies resolved has just been given a bill of health by a top astronomer and doing the next test. Cant seem to find anywhere to paste it here, and it's not published yet. Check out the viXra soon.

    Peter Jackson